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Immunisation weekly update – 23 December 2020

23 December 2020

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Error noted in Medical Director immunisation tab for 12 month schedule in recent version 4.0 update 

It has been noted that a tick box is missing for PREVENAR 13 from the 12 month old schedule point under the immunisation tab in Medical Director 4.0. This only applies to the latest version 4.0 and Medical Director has indicated it will be amended in the next update due to be released in early 2021.

For practices using version 4.0 you will need to enter this additional PREVENAR13 vaccine information using the Enter another type of vaccination box located at the bottom left of the immunisation tab.

Practices are reminded to always refer to the current NSW Immunisation Schedule in addition to checking a patient’s vaccination history on AIR before determining the vaccinations required.

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New ‘Serial Number’ field in AIR site to track COVID-19 vaccine 

A new field to capture vaccine serial number was added to the AIR site on 16 December 2020.

The addition of this field will support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines across Australia and assist Commonwealth, State and Territory governments to track all vaccines administered to the public as outlined in the Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

At this current time, it is not mandatory for vaccination providers to record vaccine serial numbers, however further advice about recording COVID-19 vaccines on the AIR will be provided soon.

Confirm receipt of a vaccine delivery

All immunisation providers are required to confirm receipt of a vaccine delivery. This is to ensure NSW Health can account for all vaccinedose delivered to immunisation providers.

Subsequent orders cannot be placed if the last delivery has not been confirmed on the  NSW Vaccine Centre webpage.

What do practices need to do?

  1. Check your vaccine delivery, 
  2. Log into the NSW Vaccine Centre webpage
  3. Select ‘confirm receipt of a delivery’
  4. If there is a problem with the delivery, do not confirm the delivery, and call NSW Vaccine Centre on 1300 656 132

See NSW Vaccine Centre User Guide  on page 19 for detailed instructions on how to confirm receipt of a delivery. 

NSW Health have sent  advice  to all NSW immunisation providers regarding changes to vaccine ordering.

2021 flu vaccine pre-allocation

Practices are required to provide information regarding their current NIP flu vaccine stock. 2021 Influenza vaccines will not be released to providers who fail to provide this information.

survey was sent to practices requesting completion of this information.  The deadline for survey completion was 11 Dec 2020 – those who have not yet completed the survey must complete survey now.

If you have  already competed this survey, no further action is required.

Understanding delegations in HPOS to enable access to the AIR

New resource now available to assist immunisation providers in understanding delegations in HPOS to enable AIR access (Australian Immunisation Register) for nurses and other support staff. 

Developed by the PHN Immunisation Support Program, the resource is available on the NCIRS website.

Extension of the RACF Public Health Order

The Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) Public Health Order has been renewed. Please note as per section 5, this still applies to RACF Health workers.

As the flu vaccines are expiring January and February, there is the provision for new staff who commence during the period before the 2021 vaccine is available: 6 (1) (d) (i) the person does not have an up-to-date vaccination against influenza, unless— (i) the vaccination is not available to the person.

To order more flu vaccines:

Stock of influenza vaccine with 28/2/2021 expiry is still available from the NSW Vaccine Centre webpage.

Course in Immunisation Practice 10754NAT

  • Event flyer
  • Date:  Friday, 22 January 2021 8:45am – 2:00pm (approx.) 
  • Venue:  Rydges Sydney Airport 8 Arrivals Court SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, NSW, 2020
  • Register:  See website

The Course in Immunisation Practice in Primary Healthcare consists of six individual programsthat make up the Immunisation learning pathway. The programs include:

  • Foundations of Immunisation Practice
  • Immunisation Needs in Adult and Older Persons
  • Immunisation Needs for Influenza
  • Immunisation Needs in Pregnancy
  • School Age Immunisation
  • Practice of Immunisation

Course delivery and assessment includes online learning completed via accessIQ, a half-day face-to-face workshop, in-class activities assessed by a qualified assessor and a mandatory third party observed workplace activity

For more information, please visit Benchmarque website  or view the course page.

Download the new NSW Immunisation Schedule – July 2020  

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