Improvements to Psychological Support Services

From Monday 6 March PSS (Psychological Support Services) sessions will be released in lots of 12 instead of six so that people can more readily access care and stay in care. GPs and Mental Health Practitioners (MHPs) will continue to review their client regularly (every 12 sessions).

MHPs and GPs will have more autonomy in preparing for sessions in advance with reduced interruptions to sessions and administrative burden. CESPHN continues to encourage the lines of communication between MHPs and GPs to be open, and patients may choose to communicate more often.

Please note the PSS Referral forms have recently been updated. If using the PSS for Medical Director and Best Practice, please update your templates (GP Referral form).

If you are using the PSS online form, we have added an option for GPs to attach an existing GP MHTP. The form now only requests the minimal amount of data required for MBS billing purposes (MHTP) and Dept of Health mandated data collection.

The CESPHN Mental Health team continues to review feedback and processes to ensure greater access and care to services in our community.