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Improving health care for people with intellectual disability

  • 1 February 2022
  • News

CESPHNs Project GROW is ensuring Primary Care Providers have access to the most update and useful tools, resources, and information to assist their patients with intellectual disability.  

Health Assessments for patients with Intellectual Disability:
The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) have developed a  Diagnosing patients with Intellectual Disability video (12 minutes) that discusses the difficulties of diagnosis, common health problems, approaches to care, gives helpful tips for GPs and information regarding conducting a comprehensivehealth assessment.

The Annual health assessment is recommended to ensure the complexity of health care needs are met.  The Health Assessment for People with Intellectual Disability  establishes health priorities through early detection, diagnosis, intervention and prevention of common and treatable health conditions that are known to cause morbidity and early mortality.

To support people with lived experience, understand the Annual Health Assessment, Council for Intellectual Disability have designed a Yearly Health Check resource.

This article is being promoted as a part of CESPHN’s PCEP Project GROW