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Improving vaccination uptake for people with intellectual disability

At CESPHN we understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll on all primary care providers. Project GROW is ensuring GPs have access to the most update and useful tools, resources, and information to assist their patients with intellectual disability.

People with intellectual disability have historically low vaccination rates and are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due a reliance on external supports and services.

People with intellectual disability have higher rates of comorbidities, such as diabetes, obesity, heart defects and respiratory dysfunction, that increase the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms.

There is a key opportunity for GPs to influence vaccine uptake in this population

Have you contacted or are you using recall reminders for your patients with intellectual disability to discuss the COVID-19 Vaccine and their Annual Health Assessment?

Enclosed are some links that may be of assistance:

The UNCRPD-Section 25,  Australian Human Rights CommissionNational Disability StrategyDisability Inclusion Action Plan, speak to the rights of people with disabilities, and the obligations and responsibilities of health providers with ensuring all appropriate measures are taken to ensure access for people with disabilities to health supports and services.

For more information on Project GROW please:  Visit the CESPHN Website