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Interpreting expiry dates on vaccines and reporting all expired vaccines.

26 October 2020

A recent enhancement to the State Vaccine Centre online ordering system is the ability to report expired vaccines. Please remember that any vaccines with an expiry noted for example as 08/2020 are valid and able to be used until 31/08/2020. Please do not consider these as expired. These can be discarded at the end of the month noted.

Vaccines that have a specific expiry date e.g. 21/06/2020 should be considered expired on that date and discarded. These should then be recorded on the Online System.

Please ensure vaccine stock is regularly checked for expiry dates and ensure that all staff are aware of vaccines that are nearing expiry.

Practices should have a clear process in place for checking expiry dates regularly and rotating stock. Practices should also have a process in place for appropriate disposal of expired vaccines either through a local pharmacy or private pathology company (pre-agreement with the pathology company should be obtained).

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