It’s National Diabetes Week: Eat well and Time to move

It’s National Diabetes Week (9-15 July 2023), an important reminder about the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as you age. There are currently over 750,000 Australians living with diabetes aged 65 years and over.

The good news is you can prevent type 2 diabetes by including regular physical activity and making healthy food choices.

View SESLHD’s Eat well video on YouTube to learn tips and strategies for making healthy, simple, and convenient food and drink choices as we get older.

View SESLHD’s Time to move video on YouTube to hear from community members and health professionals about the importance of being physically active as we get older.

Visit the Active & Healthy website for more information about healthy ageing and to find an exercise program that suits you.

Talk to your GP about how to eat well, move more, and stay connected.