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Launch of CESPHN Research Strategy 2024-2027

Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network is committed to achieving our vision of better health and wellbeing for everyone in our region through our strategic goals of improving care integration, improving primary care practice, and commissioning health and wellbeing services to meet local needs. Research is a key enabler of these goals as it provides the evidence base that underpins effective, equitable and efficient primary care. Research is essential for innovation and improvement in primary care, and for developing and evaluating health care innovations that are relevant and adapted to the local context.

The purpose of CESPHN’s Research Strategy is to provide guidance to researchers and other stakeholders regarding CESPHN’s research vision and strategic research priorities. This will ensure that the research efforts we support are consistent with our overall vision and strategic planning.

The CESPHN Research Strategy 2024-2027 can be viewed here: https://cesphn.org.au/wp-content/uploads/All_Categories/Communications/Board_Report_docs/CESPHN-research-strategy-2024-2027.pdf

For any queries regarding this document, please contact research@cesphn.com.au.