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Medical Director 4.2 and Immunisation

24 May 2022 

Medical Director 4.2 will be “Medicare Web Services” enabled and include connectivity to AIR and a new Immunisation tab.

Nurses will be able to record immunisations within the practice immunisation tab using the field in the vaccination window – “Submit On Behalf Of”.

If your nurse requires access to Immunisation History, Medical Exemption and Vaccine Trial History tabs, you will need to apply for a “Location AIR Provider Number” from the Australian Immunisation Register.

Once you have obtained the Location AIR Provider Number, enter it in Clinical via User > Setup Users > Highlight and edit the User(Nurse).

Applying for a “Location AIR Provider Number”:

1. Complete Application to register as a vaccination provider form 
2. Questions 13, 14 and 15 will need to be completed by the State Health Department on the email below
3. Send signed form to:
4. The State Health Department will complete and send the form to
5. The Location AIR Provider Number will be sent to you by post a few weeks later

There is the possibility that you might already have a “Location AIR Provider Number”. To find out, contact the AIR Internet Help Desk Team on 1300 650 039.

For further information or support please contact Medical Director Support on 1300 300 161.