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National Cervical Screening Program: new self-collection resources

The National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) has now expanded screening test options, offering self-collection of a vaginal sample as a choice to all people participating in cervical screening in line with the new National Cervical Screening Program National Cervical Screening Policy.

There are a range of resources available on the NCSP website including explainer and instructional videos, information sheets, visual guides and quick reference guides. This includes resources for general audiences including easy read resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culturally and linguistically diverse people as well as resources for healthcare providers.

In addition, self-collect specific resources are also available on the Department of Health and Aged Care website. 

Translated resources (11 language translations and 6 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander translations) will be available in the near future, so keep an eye on the website.

Further clinical education modules will be available in the coming weeks. We will advise you when these are available.