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National Diabetes Week 11 – 17 July: looking at diabetes stigma

5 July 2021

Next week is National Diabetes Week and Diabetes NSW&ACT are continuing their Heads Up campaign which focuses on the mental and emotional health of people living with diabetes. This year, the spotlight is on diabetes stigma and mental health.

– More than 4 in 5 people with diabetes have experienced diabetes stigma.
– Nearly 50 per cent of people with diabetes have experienced mental health challenges in the last 12 months.

Stigma affects all aspects of life for people with diabetes, including their mental health and wellbeing.

People experience diabetes stigma when they are blamed for having diabetes, while managing diabetes such as injecting insulin in public and when they experience the affects and complications of diabetes such as low blood sugar.

This National Diabetes Week, let’s have a conversation about the real impact diabetes stigma can have on a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

For more information visit https://diabetesnsw.com.au/news/national-diabetes-week-2021/