NDIA – Release of Autism Paper

The NDIA is seeking feedback on the most appropriate and best practice early childhood intervention supports for children on the autism spectrum, to be funded under the NDIS.

On the 30th of March, the Agency released a consultation paper, ‘Interventions for children on the autism spectrum’. The paper aims to stimulate conversation with participants, families, carers and the wider sector on what should be considered reasonable and necessary supports for children with autism.

The NDIA paper builds on work undertaken by the NDIA in 2016, as well as independent research commissioned by the NDIA from the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) released in November 2020, which provides a comprehensive review of existing evidence of early interventions available for children with autism.

The Agency has used the findings of the Autism CRC report and other evidence-informed research to develop the discussion paper, which focuses on what should constitute reasonable and necessary early intervention supports for children on the autism spectrum.

The paper also proposes funding levels, aligned to the intensity and duration of supports a child needs, to build their individual capacity to engage in their community.

The Community Engagement and Communication Branch will be running a series of consultation sessions available on the Events page of their website.

Click here for the media release.