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New Approval Management functionality coming to SafeScript NSW

SafeScript NSW, the state’s real time prescription monitoring (RPTM) system, will have new functionality in early November.

The new approval management functionality offers an efficient and centralised solution which will streamline the authority/approval management process to prescribe and supply certain high-risk medicines.  

Why introduce this new functionality?

The new functionality will provide:

  • an easy-to-use online application form which may result in real-time, instant approvals
  • greater efficiency and transparency of application information from NSW Ministry of Health
  • easily view, monitor and track active approval applications for the last two years
  • a centralised repository of all approval/authority information associated with your patients

What is being launched?

Initially it is anticipated that prescribers will be able to apply for Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) and schedule 8 Psychostimulant approval types. Additional approval types will be available in SafeScript NSW over the coming months. 

How to access the new functionality?

This functionality will be integrated into the SafeScript NSW portal so prescribers who are registered for SafeScript NSW will be able to access the new functionality when it becomes available.

Pharmacists will be able to view summary OTP approval information including the approval number, start and end dates, and prescriber, patient, drug and dose information.

Prescribers and pharmacists who are not yet registered for SafeScript NSW can register for the system.

Support resources that will be available

An array of resources, such as detailed instructions, quick reference guides and videos, will be available on the SafeScript NSW Help section as well as the SafeScript NSW website.


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For more information visit the SafeScript pathways at HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney or HealthPathways Sydney.

If login details are required contact the teams at:

A note about authority/approval wording update

To streamline the process for prescribing or supplying certain high-risk medicines, and to distinguish it from the Commonwealth PBS authorities, NSW Health are updating terminology currently used from ‘authorities’ to ‘approvals’. In SafeScript NSW, an approval is a reference to an authority issued under the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act. Please note that this transition will occur in alignment with the launch of SafeScript NSW’s new functionality.

More information about the SafeScript NSW approval management launch will be sent to all prescribers and other impacted users soon.

If you have any questions, contact the SafeScript NSW team by emailing