New Service Navigation – support for mental health is a phone call or email away

6 April 2021

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN’s new Service Navigation has been created to help support people to identify and locate the right mental health services.  It can be accessed by consumers, their families and carers, as well as, GPs, Allied Health and Community practitioners. It enables early and easy access to health services by promoting available psychosocial programs in our region.

Supporting people to navigate the mental health system can improve service usage and integration, as well as support timely access to appropriate services to meet psychosocial, clinical and physical needs.

The broad objectives of the Service Navigator role are to:

  • Assist in navigating mental health services in the Central Eastern Sydney PHN region,
  • Support coordinated referral information and processes to support consumer access to psychosocial, clinical and primary health care,
  • Actively engage health professionals to provide information on health and support services.

This Service Navigation role will provide a central point in the region for information about accessing psychosocial services. It provides information and offers referral pathways to mental health services and supports that will best suit a person’s needs. Please note, this is not for use in an emergency or crisis.

Access Service Navigation via phone or email:

P:  1800 317 526