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NSW Health Pathology results delivered into your software

Last year, we updated you with the news that NSW Health Pathology was in the process of setting up electronic results delivery via HealthLink.

This has now been set up and you can receive results electronically into your practice Software –Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie.

To register for the electronic pathology results from NSW Health Pathology please complete the enclosed NSW Health Pathology medical practitioner form below and email to NSWPATH-BusinessDevelopmentEast@health.nsw.gov.au

If you do not have HealthLink, first visit the HealthLink website to register for a free account https://au.healthlink.net/au_registration/

In case your software is other than Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie or you do NOT have any clinical software please select the option “My HealthLink Portal (or “no capable software” from the Clinical or Practice Software Used list.

Set up takes a few days after the form is received. Whenever a new doctor joins your practice please email the Client Liaison Team at NSWPATH-BusinessDevelopmentEast@health.nsw.gov.au with the provider number linked to your practice.