NSW Refugee Health Plan – 2022-2027

Keeping people from refugee backgrounds healthy and enhancing their ability to access services is the goal of the NSW Refugee Health Plan 2022-2027.

It takes a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approach to support people from refugee backgrounds to be healthy, thriving members of NSW.

People from refugee backgrounds, including people who are seeking asylum, have a profound impact on enhancing Australia’s social, cultural, and economic life. As well as their strengths, people from refugee backgrounds also have unique needs and challenges in keeping healthy.

Meeting these needs is critical because when people are healthy, they are better able to work, study, engage, contribute and have a sense of belonging.

Together with the NSW Plan for Healthy Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities: 2019-2023, the Plan commits NSW Health to address priorities including:

  • Effective communication in people’s preferred language
  • Timely access to culturally responsive mainstream public healthcare services, such as mental and oral healthcare, particularly for people resettled in rural and regional locations
  • Efficient service navigation and care coordination
  • Targeted health promotion and health education

The NSW Refugee Health Plan 2022-2027 was developed with valuable contributions from people of refugee backgrounds, as well as partners across government, NGOs, and community organisations. It provides essential guidance to the NSW Health system to inform local health plans.

For more information about the Plan and what NSW Health is doing to support the health of people from refugee backgrounds, please visit the Refugee Health Policy website.

Read the plan here.