Paid GP Focus Group on Opioid Treatment Program

The Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs, NSW Ministry of Health, is seeking General Practitioners to participate in paid online focus groups about GP engagement with the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).

The OPT provides life-saving treatment to people living with opioid dependence. The aim of these focus groups is to gather a diverse range of perspectives from general practitioners like yourself who have had experience or are interested in engaging with the OTP. Your valuable insights can help shape the future of GP engagement with the ODT program and help improve patient access to treatment.


If you are:

  • A GP primarily working in General Practice, AND
  • Have an interest in the OTP, OR
  • You are already prescribing OTP medication for up to 5 patients

Your feedback is wanted.

How to Register

Fill out the registration form online and then you will then receive a calendar invitation confirming your attendance.

There will be four x one hour, online focus groups at the times listed below:

  • 6pm, Monday 17 July
  • 7:30pm, Tuesday 18 July
  • 7:30am, Thursday 20 July
  • 12pm, Friday 21 July


We value your time and commitment. GPs who participate will be paid at the rate of $120 for the hour. Participation is limited to one focus group per person.


Please note that participation in the focus groups is confidential, and all data collected will be anonymised and used solely for research purposes.

For more information about this project, please contact