Participate in dementia research

The Centre for Primary Health Care, UNSW and SESLHD Cancer Services seek General Practitioners to help to develop a Cancer Shared eCare Plan. Patients referred for treatment of their cancer are looked after by Cancer Services during their treatment. At completion of treatment some patients return to primary care for ongoing follow up.

The Cancer Shared eCare Plan aims to engage and foster greater communication between GPs, specialists, other health care providers and patients throughout the patient’s treatment, particularly during ongoing follow-up care. To be effective this needs to allow input from both cancer specialist services and GPs to the plan and its implementation.

We are looking for GPs who are interested in providing input into the eCare Plan development. You could be involved in the steering committee, provide advice as the eCare Plan is developed or participate in a pilot with colorectal patients who have completed treatment and are eligible for shared care.

GPs will be reimbursed $120 per hour to provide advice and/or join the steering committee and $300 to participate in the stakeholder Specifications Workshop (three hours) on 13 March from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm at St George Hospital. There will be no payment to participate in the pilot.

If you are interested please contact the Project Manager, Jane Taggart J.Taggart@unsw.edu.au or on 0425 258 949.