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PBS changes to PrEP prescribing

25 January 2021

ASHM’s submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to change the PBS criteria for prescribing PrEP has been successful.

From 15 January 2021 it is easier to prescribe PBS-funded PrEP, making PrEP more accessible.

Key changes:

  • The removal of high and medium HIV risk categories, and aligning them with the PrEP suitability criteria in the 2019 updated ASHM PrEP guidelines
  • The removal of an age restriction where a patient was required to be 18 years or older.
  • The expansion of the window for a negative HIV test result before treatment to *4 weeks, assisting access for rural and remote patients.
  • The restriction level has been reduced from “Authority Required” to a “Restricted Benefit” to support broad access for patients who are at risk of HIV infection.