PSS Suicide Prevention Service (SPS) to re-open to GPs only

The PSS Suicide Prevention Service (SPS) will re-open exclusively to GPs from Monday, 15 August 2022. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

SPS has been experiencing demand issues due to an increased number of referrals and workforce capacity challenges. To ensure the continuation of this program and that the program reaches eligible individuals, referrals will only be considered from GPs to better target and support their clients.

Referrals will continue to be triaged to ensure their suitability for the program. Please note this service is not for acute presentations.

Alternative referral pathways:

  1. Wayback Service please note that referrals to this program need to be made while the client is in LHD care.  
  2. Suicide Call Back Service
  3. Being Suicide Support and Awareness Program
  4. 13YARN National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Crisis Support Line

Complete your referral online.