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RACGP Webinar: Abuse of Older People

This webinar is presented by Dr Elizabeth Hindmarsh, GP and Chair of the RACGP Specific Interests Abuse and Violence Group and Prof Dimity Pond, GP and Professor at the University of Newcastle.

This webinar will discuss how general practice can contribute to the prevention and intervention of the ‘Abuse of older people’ and contribute to a safer society for all.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the prevalence of the abuse of older people in our society. 
  2. Discuss and become more aware of how to ask and intervene with patients to enhance safety. 
  3. Discuss available resources and options for referrals.

This education is a CPD Activity under the RACGP CPD Program (3 points).

Date and time: Thursday 18 August 2021, 7.00pm-8.30pm AEST

To register, click here.