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Reaction Evaluation & Antibiotic Allergy Clinical Team

St George Hospital’s REACT (Reaction Evaluation & Antibiotic Allergy Clinical Team) service provides access to an Inpatient Antibiotic Allergy program operating on Mondays and an Outpatient Antibiotic Allergy Clinic operating on Thursdays in the Ambulatory Care Unit.

The clinic can assess and test any patient with any reported antibiotic allergy. The clinic can perform antibiotic skin testing and oral challenges, to confirm if the antibiotic allergy is true, and determine which antibiotics can be given safely. This provides many more options for infection treatment and surgical prophylaxis in future.

Any patient with an antibiotic allergy who would like their antibiotic allergy reviewed can be referred for outpatient testing at St George Hospital via GP or specialist referral to Dr Richard Sullivan or Professor Steven Krilis.

For more information about the service and how to refer, visit the SESLHD website.