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Referrals to Canterbury Hospital maternity services

Following the introduction of HealthLink eReferrals to Canterbury Hospital Maternity services in 2023 the paper/fax template Canterbury Hospital Obstetric Referral form is now being withdrawn. The old referral form is no longer valid and should be removed from your practice software. Contact and Fax details on versions of the old form are no longer current and its ongoing use may lead to delays with referral processing.

To refer to:

Canterbury Antenatal and GP Shared Care, Midwives Clinic, Canterbury Antenatal Postnatal Service (CAPs), or Midwifery Group Practice (MGP), please use the relevant HealthLink SmartForm:

  • Canterbury Antenatal & Shared care
  • Canterbury Antenatal Postnatal Service (CAPS)
  • Canterbury Midwifery Group Practice (MGP)

from your practice software (Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie) or via the HealthLink Portal, listed under Sydney Local Health District Women’s Health.

Further information on Canterbury Maternity and Obstetrics services and using HealthLink SmartForm eReferral is available on the HealthPathways Sydney website.

It is preferred that all presentations for obstetric care are supported with a valid GP referral. Women are no longer required to self-present or submit paper copies of referrals. The service will triage referrals and contact the patient to book their first appointment.

Canterbury Hospital Maternity services are some of the over 70 Sydney Local Health District services accepting patient referrals via HealthLink SmartForms. For GPs requiring support to send eReferrals using HealthLink SmartForms, please contact the SLHD eReferral team on 0477 501 385 or 0477 735 472.