SafeScript NSW, real-time prescription monitoring system, coming soon to CESPHN

Prescribers and pharmacists in the central and eastern Sydney region will have access to SafeScript NSW from late May 2022.

SafeScript NSW provides prescribers and pharmacists with real-time information about a patient’s prescribing and dispensing history for certain high-risk medicines, known as monitored medicines. This information helps to improve clinical decision making and keep patients safe.

SafeScript NSW is being rolled out in a phased statewide approach. Prescribers and pharmacists in the Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN were the first to have access to SafeScript NSW from November 2021, followed by Northern Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains in March 2022. Health practitioners who have registered for the system are finding it to be an easy-to-use, helpful clinical tool.

“It is integrated really well and is easy to use. I have a lot more insight and information about what is going on with patients now.” General Practitioner.

“It’s an essential tool for pharmacists to dispense medications safety.” Pharmacist.

Who is eligible to access SafeScript NSW?

All prescribers (medical practitioners and nurse practitioners) and pharmacists who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) will be able to access the system when it becomes available.

What to expect when SafeScript NSW becomes available

Eligible prescribers and pharmacists will receive an invitation to register for SafeScript NSW by email to the address recorded with Ahpra. Registration is a simple 10-minute process and step-by-step instructions will be provided.

Support and resources

Prescribers and pharmacists are being supported during the rollout of SafeScript NSW and will have ongoing access to resources.

To prepare for the arrival of SafeScript NSW:

For more information, visit the website or send enquiries to