SESLHD Palliative Care Support HealthPathway now live

Palliative Care Support Pathway now live for health professionals in the SESLHD region.

You can find all palliative care pathways here, including GP palliative Care Resources.

HealthPathways is an online local health information portal to support local GPs and health professionals at the point of consultation. HealthPathways is available to local health and social care service providers including local GPs, allied health professionals, RACF staff, local government and non-government organisations, and Local Health District/Local Health Network staff.

HealthPathways are designed to be quick and simple to use and includes:

  • management and treatment options for clinical conditions
  • educational resources for patients
  • referral information for local services and specialists.

New to HealthPathways?

If you are a health professional and would like to have access to this HealthPathways website, please request access from the local HealthPathways team. Register now.