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SLHD Mental Health Services invite GPs to join a web-based mental health shared care planning trial

GPs are invited to join a trial of shared care planning between NSW Health mental health services and general practice.

NSW Health has funded the Sydney Local Health Mental Health Services to trial a web-based shared care plan to improve communication between GPs, consumers and mental health services.

GPs will be approached individually by the trial team only if the consumers in mental health services have first consented to be part the trial.

GPs in trial will be asked to:

  • Install and access a free online software for mental health shared care plan (now if you are in the intervention group, or in 12 months if you are in the control group);
  • Be briefed on the care plan
  • Set up online shared care arrangement for the first consumer who had already consented; and
  • Complete brief pre/post surveys.

Benefits of participating in shared care and the trial include:

  • Improved communication with mental health services and consumers by moving away from current communication methods, letters, faxes and phone calls;
  • Easier ways to monitor and plan the preventive health care for people with severe mental illness who often have poorer physical health than the rest of the population; and
  • Medicare billing payment for care planning (items 721 and 732)

As a small recognition of GP participation in the trial, GPs will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Any questions please contact Stella Jun, Research Manager or Dr Catherine Spooner, Senior Research Fellow.

More information download the file.