Supervision of Enrolled Nurses Working in General Practice

Enrolled nurses are a valuable part of the primary healthcare team, but did you know:

An enrolled nurse (EN) is legally required to work under the direction and supervision of an RN and is responsible for providing delegated nursing care to patients within their scope of practice.

In accordance with The Enrolled nurse standards for practice, ENs must work under the direction and supervision of registered nurses. Any RN providing supervision to an EN must be fully aware of the education, experience, and scope of practice of the EN. It is not acceptable for other health practitioners to provide clinical supervision for ENs.

Supervision provided by an RN may be direct or indirect. Direct supervision is when the RN is physically present and directly observing the EN undertaking clinical duties. Indirect supervision is when the RN does not constantly observe the EN at practice. When providing indirect supervision for an EN, an RN must be easily contactable and available to the EN to discuss care delivery.

Arrangements for the supervision of ENs may vary. Employers should discuss options with the RN who will be providing supervision for the EN.

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