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UNSW research – Palliative care and intellectual disability

A research team led by Professor Julian Trollor at the Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry, UNSW Sydney, aims to design, implement, and evaluate a new palliative care service for people with intellectual disability. This is important because people with intellectual disability often find it hard to access palliative care tailored to their needs.

The team would like to hear from healthcare professionals who have been involved in palliative care and/or have provided palliative care to people with intellectual disability. Your experiences will be used to help UNSW design a new model of palliative care which will be tested in 2023 in the South Western Sydney Local Health District.

Participation in the study involves either completing a brief online survey or talking to a member of the research team.

Complete the online survey here


To talk to a member of UNSW’s research team about attending an interview or focus group (face-to-face or via email, telephone or video conferencing) please contact their Project Officer, Amanuel Kidane Hagos, on (02) 9348 0111 or IDPalliativeCare@unsw.edu.au., to register your interest.

For more details, please see the team’s website, where you will find additional information and the participation information sheets.

If you would like more details or have any questions please contact their Project Officer, Amanuel Kidane Hagos, on (02) 9348 0111 or IDPalliativeCare@unsw.edu.au.