Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) will commence in New South Wales on 28 November 2023:

Under NSW VAD laws, residential facilities have important legal obligations in relation to VAD. All residential facilities must allow a resident to:

  • receive information about VAD when they request it. This includes allowing a medical practitioner to visit the facility to provide information about VAD.
  • make a first or final request for VAD at the residential facility. This is part of the process a person must undertake to access VAD.

The attached factsheet explains:

  • residential facilities’ legal obligations in relation to VAD, and
  • practical tips to help residential facilities comply with their VAD obligations.

This factsheet is for managers, directors, executives, and other operations staff at residential facilities in New South Wales.

For further information, please visit the NSW Health website (https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/voluntary-assisted-dying/Pages/implementing-voluntary-assisted-dying.aspx) or ELDAC website (https://www.eldac.com.au/tabid/5757/Default.aspx).