Which age groups are eligible for vaccination in pharmacies?

6 April 2021

NSW Health reminds authorised pharmacist in NSW may only administer the following vaccines to the specified age ranges:

• Influenza vaccine: Individuals aged 10 years and over
• Measles — mumps — rubella combination vaccine (MMR): Individuals aged 16 years and over
• Diphtheria — tetanus — pertussis combination vaccine (dTpa): Individuals aged 16 years and over

If online booking systems are utilised, please ensure only individuals in the correct age brackets are able to make bookings.

Older individuals who are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in the phased rollout, via a vaccination hub or GP, should not be encouraged to wait for availability of COVID-19 vaccine in pharmacy which could delay their vaccination.

Poisons and Therapeutics Goods Regulation 2008 update

The Poisons and Therapeutics Goods Regulation 2008 has recently been updated to enable Authorised Nurse/Midwife Immunisers (ANIs) to receive a wholesale supply of vaccines listed (and adrenaline) in the Authority for Registered Nurses and Midwives from a pharmacist, for administration to individuals in the pharmacy.

This provision now enables a pharmacist to engage an ANI to undertake vaccination services within a pharmacy, as well as supply all vaccines listed (and adrenaline) in the Authority, that will be required. 

In NSW only Registered Nurse and Midwives who have completed an accredited immunisation course are eligible to independently immunise. Pharmacists should ensure that all ANIs engaged for vaccination services have the appropriate and current qualifications, as outlined in last month’s talking points.

Enrolled nurses are not able to be employed as independent immunisers.

In addition, NCIRS has updated the Vaccines from community pharmacy – at a glance information sheet which provides an overview of vaccines available from a community pharmacy and whether these vaccines are available free from a GP.