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World Aids Day 2022

World AIDS day is an annual day of remembrance, which is held on December 1. It’s a day that raises awareness across communities all over the world about HIV and AIDS. It’s also a day for the community to commemorate people who have died of AIDS related conditions or other conditions associated with HIV and show their support for people currently living with HIV.

This year’s World Aids Day’s theme was Boldly Positive and there is a lot to be boldly positive about! Whether that’s Prevention, testing, treatment, or life expectancy the HIV landscape has drastically changed.

Living with HIV is now more than just surviving, it’s living long healthy and fulfilling lives. With the interventions that are now available, HIV is no longer a definer of dysfunction, health or “cleanliness”. This world AIDS day and in the coming year we are challenging you to be Boldly Positive about HIV with your patients regardless of their status or risk profiles. Normalising conversations around HIV helps to enhance health literacy, increase testing, reduce transmission and challenge stigma.

For general information regarding HIV from NSW Heath.

For a comprehensive suite of HIV resources and training for General practice follow this link.