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ANSC October 2023 update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital


Both RPA and Canterbury Hospitals use eReferrals as their preferred method when referring. Please complete these at 8-10 weeks and attach all serology and ultrasound reports when submitting. Postcodes borders for referrals do not currently apply for either hospital. Out of area bookings will need to be advised that they will not be eligible for midwifery group practice (MGP), maternity/Canterbury and postnatal service (MAPS/CAPS) postnatal midwifery in the home. 

Yellow Cards

A reminder to always fill in the yellow antenatal cards for the women/pregnant people in your care with as much information as possible. This includes results of serology and ultrasounds you have reviewed, and your comprehensive antenatal checks including FHR, BP, and palpation.  

Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU) 

The prenatal screening Health Pathway is being updated in collaboration with FMU. A templated version of the FMU request form will very soon be available on Health Pathway and the CESPHN website that can be electronically completed and emailed to FMU. At present emailing remains the preferred method of referring to FMU. 

Integrated Support After Infant Loss (iSAIL) 

RPA’s iSAIL clinic provides care to bereaved parents after still birth or neonatal death. Appointments are coordinated with the multidisciplinary team of midwives, obstetricians, social workers, neonatologists, and perinatal mental health to reduce the burden and distress of multiple appointments. GPs can also refer women/pregnant people to this service for subsequent pregnancies to have continuity of care by the iSAIL CMC Vanessa Postle via eReferral. Health Pathways contains information on this service and referral under the Bereavement, Grief and Loss pathway. 

Parent Education 

SLHD Parent Education Service provides a free “Early Pregnancy Information ZOOM Session”. An experienced Midwife facilitator will provide information about SLHD maternity, child and family health services, discuss topics such as what to expect in the first trimester, and share helpful resources about staying healthy throughout pregnancy.

Interested individuals/families can book using this link SLHD – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital – Women and Babies – Childbirth and Parenting Programs (

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