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Residential Aged Care Facility Support

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN provides funding and support to various Geriatric Flying Squads and Outreach Services operated by partner Local Health Districts and Hospital Networks. These services are intended to reduce the need for transfer to hospital by managing residents at their facility.

RACF Outreach services

Geriatric Flying Squads (GFS) and RACF Outreach service contact details:

RACF Clinical handover tool – Yellow envelope

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN has developed a Clinical handover tool (Yellow envelope) in collaboration with Local Health Districts partners and in consultation with RACF managers, for utilisation in transfer of residents from RACFs and hospitals. The purpose of the envelope is to improve the quality of clinical handover by ensuring critical resident information is communicated in writing during resident transfers.

CESPHN provides these envelopes to RACFs at no cost. If you require more envelopes, please contact the Jason Phillips at

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