Drug and alcohol support

Vision: To work collaboratively to support a flexible and coordinated drug and alcohol treatment sector that is responsive to the holistic health needs of community members experiencing drug and alcohol disorders, their families and supports.

PHNs are funded to increase the service delivery capacity of the drug and alcohol treatment sector through:

Improved regional coordination and by targeting areas of need, with a focus on methamphetamine use in the community Improving the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment services for individuals requiring support and treatment, particularly for methamphetamine use, by increasing coordination between various sectors, and improving sector efficiency.

To achieve this we undertake regional needs assessment and the commissioning of evidence based drug and alcohol treatment services to bridge gaps and to meet the needs of local communities. We also work collaboratively with stakeholders to promote quality improvement approaches and support health professionals through education and training.

Click here to view and download the CESPHN Services Guide which includes commissioned drug and alcohol services.

The Department of Health has provided guidance to PHNs in relation to drug and alcohol treatment activity.

For information on our drug and alcohol needs assessments, and operational plan visit the Health Planning page.

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