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News: Vaccination

31 January 2023

Immunisation weekly update – 1 February 2023 Childhood immunisation overdue reports CESPHN is inviting general practices to sign up to receive a regular report extracted on your behalf from the Australian Immunisation...

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21 December 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 21 December 2022 New training module: Pfizer vaccine for children 6 months to 4 years (Maroon Cap) Training module for the Pfizer vaccine (Maroon Cap) for...

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7 December 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 07 December 2022 2022 PHN Childhood immunisation coverage data The September 2022 childhood immunisation coverage data by Primary Health Network (PHN) has been published by the...

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2 December 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 30 November 2022 New recommended name for Monkeypox: ‘mpox’ On 28 November, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced it would start using a new preferred term,...

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23 November 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 23 November 2022 Last COVID-19 vaccine orders for 2022 Important dates: Last orders for delivery before the end-of-year shutdown must be placed by Friday 2 December...

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17 November 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 16 November 2022 Is a 5th dose recommended? ATAGI advises - no change to booster dose advice. Recommendations: Severely immunocompromised adults 16+ should receive 5 doses...

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11 November 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 9 November 2022 ATAGI clinical guidance: Moderna New COVID-19 wave – Are your patients up to date with vaccines? On 4 November, NSW Health sent a...

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28 September 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 28 September 2022 Disease notification - Which conditions are GPs required to report? The Public Health Act 2010 requires that certain medical conditions be notified to the relevant...

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27 September 2022

Rabies prevention for patients with overseas bites Australia is free from rabies in land mammals, however scratches from bats can transmit Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV). Bites or licks from dogs,...

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21 September 2022

Immunisation weekly update – 21 September 2022 Rabies in general practice General practices are seeing an increased number of international travellers returning to Australia who are at risk of rabies...

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