Intellectual Disability

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Our vision

To make primary health care more accessible for people with intellectual disability. 

For people with intellectual disability to get the right care, in the right place at the right time.

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The Australian Government has a 10-year plan to improve the health of people with intellectual disability.

Project GROW is a part of this plan and will:

  • help GP and Allied Health practices become more accessible
  • train GPs and Allied health to better look after the health needs of people with intellectual disability.
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Your right to good health care

“You should pay attention to the positive impact being included has on our health.”

Robert Strike, Project GROW Advisory Committee member

You have a right to access the same health services as others.

You have a right to the health services you need because of your disability.

You have a right to health services near to where you live.

You have the right to the same treatment from health professionals as others.

You have the right to fair health and life insurance.

People cannot stop you accessing care and treatment because of your disability.

Your right to good health factsheets

Contact us

We will work with practices to help them become more accessible.

Would you like your GP or allied health practice to be more accessible?

Would you like us to visit your practice?

If you are having trouble finding the right health service for you, our Project Navigators can help.

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Annual health assessments

A yearly check up with your doctor is important.

This is called an annual health assessment.

It is different than going to the doctor when you feel sick.

It is a free appointment.

Tell the receptionist when you book that you want a long appointment for your annual health assessment.

Your doctor will go through an annual health assessment form with you.

Here is an easy read fact sheet on Annual Health Assessments.

Self-Advocacy Tools

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The Council for Intellectual Disability have made Easy Read health resources. 

Click here to download a copy to take to your health appointments.