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FIVE QUESTIONS is where we ask members of the community to talk about how they stay HEALTHY. General Manager First Nations Fashion + Design and Wiradjuri Woman living on Dharawal Country Emma Griggs (pictured below at the recent Australian Fashion Week 2023 at Carriageworks, Gadigal land), shared this:

20230522 Emmagriggs Landscape 1

1. What did you eat yesterday?

Yesterday was Sunday and for me, not my healthiest day of the week. Family breakfast; pancakes YUMMO – I ate 2 with sugar and lemon. For lunch I ate 2 x party pies. Afternoon tea I had a cuppa tea with a biscuit and for dinner I had home made frittata with salad.

2. What exercise did you do yesterday?

Because it was Sunday I did not do anything. Normally I walk for 20-30 mins a day.

3. When did you last see a primary health professional?

I went to the dentist last month, just for a clean and check up. Lucky no extra treatment was needed as I’m not a fan of the dentist.

4. What do you do to improve your mental health?

I just finished working 21 days straight after Fashion Week and in the lead up to Fashion Week.

My job can be pretty stressful. To look after my mental health I do Bikram Yoga it’s so hot and takes your mind off any stresses. I also practice mindfulness. I often do this when I am weaving, on the lounge, on the train, in the yard in the sun, whenever I can. I also find hugging my dogs is good for my soul.

Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) is a great opportunity to bring awareness to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. For my people it’s also a reminder that sovereignty was never ceded and is often a very challenging and conflicting time for Mob. I like to take the time to connect with family, community and be present on behalf of my community, to represent and speak up, share our stories particularly for those who can’t.

5. What are your health goals for the next month?

My health goals for the next month are to try and walk an extra 5 -10 minutes each day or try and do one extra yoga class. I’d also like to find time for Pilates.

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