FIVE QUESTIONS is where we ask members of the community to talk about how they stay HEALTHY. At last week’s Primary Health Awards, as well as the recent launch of the Urgent Care Clinic in Maroubra, we caught up with CESPHN board member Chris Tzarimas, who shared this:

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1. What exercise did you do yesterday?

As it was a Saturday, I did the coastal walk with my partner in the morning (Coogee to Bronte and back). In the afternoon, we found ourselves at Annangrove, where my son and I played kicks with an AFL ball for over an hour. I couldn’t walk the next day.

2. What did you eat yesterday?

Breakfast: Light greek yoghurt with granola, handful of assorted nuts, 2 pitted dates, and 2 strawberries all mixed in a bowl.

Lunch:  Charcoal chicken pieces and a mixed salad.

Afternoon snack: 1 row of dark chocolate and a coffee.

Dinner: Takeaway beef burrito.

3. When did you last see a primary health professional?

July 2023

4. What do you do to maintain your mental health?

My background is in exercise physiology, so I try to exercise every day. I love swimming and doing anything in the ocean. I intersperse walking with bouts of jogging. I always view physical activity as an opportunity, rather an inconvenience, so I try to walk to various places rather than driving. You connect so much more with your community simply by walking around.

5. What are your health goals for the next month?

Unfortunately the same as last month, and the month before that. I still haven’t returned to my baseline weight since the pandemic, and I’m now determined to ramp up my activity to get there. It’s taken way too long. I’m currently looking for a new bike to return to road-cycling and join the MAMIL’s.