SWCC Counselling Program

What is the SWCC Counselling Program?

SWCC Counselling Program provides free short-term access to psychological therapy for women aged 18 years or older experiencing mild to moderate mental illness or distress. The service is delivered face-to-face or via telehealth based on individual needs and preferences.


The SWCC Counselling Program is for people women who:

  • are aged 18 years and older.
  • live, work or study in the Central and Eastern Sydney region.
  • are experiencing mental illness or distress.
  • are unable to access other services including Better Access (Medicare subsidised psychological services) due to financial hardship.

SWCC is committed to supporting the following community groups:

  • young people (who are aged 18 – 25 years).
  • older people.
  • individuals who identify as from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.
  • individuals who identify as from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background.
  • individuals of diverse genders and sexualities (LGBTQA).
  • individuals with children.
  • individuals in contact with criminal justice.
  • individuals at risk of homelessness.
  • individuals with comorbid substance use issues.

How to access the service?

Call (02) 9718 1955 or email help@womenscounselling.com.au to arrange an appointment.

Who can refer to the service?

Individuals (and their families and/ or carers), interested in accessing the program can contact SWCC directly or they can be referred by a GP or allied health provider.

You do not need a Mental Health Care Plan to access this service.

Who will deliver the service

NameSydney Womens Counselling Service (SWCC)
Phone(02) 9718 1955