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CESPHN recognises that engaging with stakeholders will achieve better outcomes than working in isolation. Our stakeholders include:

  • Consumers
  • GPs
  • Allied health professionals
  • Local health districts/ networks
  • Specialty health networks
  • Professional associations
  • Social services
  • Nongovernment and community-managed organisations
  • Other PHNs
  • Other health and human services.

We collaborate with a variety of stakeholders on projects and inform them of new developments and opportunities in primary care. 

Our Community and Clinical Councils play a central role in providing strategic advice to the Board on local clinical and community issues to improve and transform primary care.

CESPHN also fosters partnerships between primary and acute care services by supporting primary health representation on hospital committees.

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework (361 KB) outlines our commitment to engagement. We recognise that meaningful engagement with primary health practitioners, consumers and carers is of value for their knowledge and experience. Our stakeholders can assist us to provide appropriate services and person-centred care effectively. Appropriate care delivers best outcomes for those that use the service and their carers, as well as benefiting clinicians, policy makers and funders.

Consumers and carers have rights to exercise choice and control and we want to work in genuine partnerships to deliver the best outcomes at individual, service, organisation and system level. 

Community Engagement Strategy

We’re committedd to engaging with community members. Our Community Engagement Strategy is a core component of working towards our vision of better health and wellbeing for all.

Clinical Leaders Network

CESPHN supports a Clinical Leaders Network to:  

  • Build a group of highly skilled clinical leaders 
  • Provide advice to CESPHN 
  • Provide a networking forum 
  • Share knowledge and  
  • Advocate for Primary Health Care.


Right Care, Right Place, Right Time.