FIVE QUESTIONS is where we ask members of the community to talk about how they stay HEALTHY. Matraville Mum Jen Lettau shared this:

What exercise did you do yesterday?  

I walk my dog twice a day. Don’t really do a lot of exercise, I’m more focused on diet.  

What did you eat today? 

It’s 3pm now and I’ve had: 2 iced lattes (no sugar); I had some french gooey brie with lard cooked pork scratchings and 2 scrambled eggs with salmon cooked in lots of butter. 

 How do you look after your mental health? 

I have been in therapy for 25 years after a tumultuous beginning in life. To be honest, there’s not much more I can do. It seems to be a lack of community support that hinders my progress and has me occasionally falling into negative behaviours and self-sabotaging thinking. I have been estranged from my family of origin since I was 15. I’m 51 now with a little boy and the biggest hurdle is not having that family support. And feeling isolated.  

Diet seemed to correlate with good mental health for me. I discovered that a low carb/ no carb diet is extremely good for the mitochondria in the brain. I eat a lot of ruminant meats and prioritise meat, eggs and dairy at every meal sitting. This nutrient dense way of eating has balanced my hormones finally after many years of being partially vegetarian.  

When did you last see a mental health professional?  

Grief and loss seem to be a central theme in my life and although much of my disorder has been alleviated by the work of some amazing mental health professionals, I still struggle in other ways now via being triggered continuously by my son.   

I find being a parent very fulfilling and wish I had done it sooner. However, the challenges of being marginalised and doing it on my own do cause mental anguish and so I have monthly therapy sessions related to parenting.  

I love my son and hope he turns out ok!  

What are your health goals for the future? 

Reduce inflammation (with animal-based diet).  Remove triggers which keep me stuck in a cycle (easier said than done). Keep working on the relationship/bond with my 6.5 year old boy. 

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