Mental health support for GPs

While working as a general practitioner can be extremely rewarding, it can at times induce stress and its own challenges through long work hours and work-related pressure. Burnouts among health professionals are common. Looking after your mental health and seeking support is therefore important and here are some services that can help.


This e-health hub was designed by health professionals to help healthcare workers find resources and support to manage burnout and maintain good mental health. It offers mental health screening, resources and person-to person support. Resources can be accessed anonymously.

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DRS4DRS promotes the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students across Australia. Online resources, referral services, help finding a GP and a confidential telehealth service. For crisis support call 1300 374 377 – 24/7 advice Ph: 9347 6552.

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The Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (DHAS) operates a phone Help Line in NSW and ACT offering personal advice to medical practitioners and students facing difficulties. Medical practitioners concerned about their own health, the health of a colleague or family member who is a doctor or medical student can call the DHAS for advice. In New South Wales, this service also extends to veterinarians, dentists and students of those professions.

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Operating since 1896, the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW (MBANSW) is Registered Charity that provides counselling and financial assistance during crises, illness, impairment and grief in support of:

  • medical practitioners and their families
  • retired doctors and their families
  • families of deceased medical practitioners
  • others as determined by the Council.

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The GP Support Program is a free service offered by the RACGP in line with the college’s commitment to foster a culture of self care amongst general practitioners. It is available to all RACGP members regardless of where they live or work. Members can access professional advice to help cope with life’s stressors which may include personal and work related issues that can impact on their wellbeing, work performance, safety, workplace morale and psychological health.

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