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Health and wellbeing programs

Wellness, reablement and restorative approaches are emerging as powerful ways to help older people improve their function, independence and quality of life. The following NSW Health sponsored programs are available to older people free of charge to assist improve health, functioning and wellbeing.

Exercise Classes and Health information for older adults

To find an exercise programs available in your local area that suit your needs visit the Active and Healthy website. The website is designed to provide a high-quality on-line directory of physical activity programs and evidence-based information for older people on the benefits of physical activity and ways in which you can increase your levels of physical activity and improve your strength and balance.

To search for a program in your area visit the Active and Healthy website.

Uniting Aged Care has established Seniors Gyms for the over 65s with personalised exercise and movement programs. Contact 1800 486 484 or email

Falls Prevention

The Stepping On program is a falls prevention program for over 65’s that aims to reduce the incidence of falls in older people by teaching simple strength and balance exercises.The educational program promotes independence and builds confidence, with presentations by experts in their field, on topics relating to falls risk. The program is delivered over seven consecutive weeks followed by a booster session after two months. To learn more and register for the program contact your local stepping on coordinator via the below links. GPs and allied health professionals can access a referral form at these web links also.

The  Active & Healthy Website also links community members and health professionals to resources and programs that can help reduce your risk of falling. The Staying Active on your feet downloadable booklet provides consumers with information and ideas on ways to reduce their risk of falling.

SHARE Healthy Lifestyle Programs

SHARE is a not-for-profit provider of targeted activities for the management of chronic conditions, mental health, staying active and fit, general wellbeing and social connection. SHARE runs exercise classes in various safe and convenient locations, and led by qualified instructors in over 40 suburbs across the Sydney metropolitan area. SHARE also offers classes for cultural-specific groups, with bilingual instructors where available.

Through a partnership with SHARE and Council on the Ageing (COTA) NSW, Central and Eastern PHN are building capacity of healthy lifestyle programs across our region. SHARE is adding the COTA NSW Living Longer Living Stronger program to its suite of programs and starting new classes in various locations across our PHN region throughout the year.

For further information on class types and timetables, please visit the website or call SHARE on 02 8580 0628.

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