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family referral service

1800 066 757

Providing assistance with support services and community resources for young people and families regarding domestic violence experiences, housing or accommodation access, financial assistance, mental health concerns and finding culturally appropriate support.

smart phone apps

1800RESPECT has a number of safety mobile phone apps are have been made to keep people safer and link to support services. These apps include Aurora, Daisy, Sunny ( women with a disability)

Ask Izzy Help to find the services you need, now and nearby. It is free and anonymous, and you can search over 360,000 services to find housing, meals, healthcare. New domestic and family violence search category to make it easier and safer for people experiencing violence to find help they need.

domestic violence nsw

Domestic Violence NSW  is a statewide representative body for a diverse range of specialist domestic and family violence services in NSW

family law and legal services

Women’s Legal Service
ph. 1800 810 784 or (02) 8745 6999. Specialist legal service for women experiencing domestic violence. Its main objective is to inform women who have experienced violence about their legal rights and to help women obtain access to justice.

Family Violence Law Help
National website for people wanting to understand domestic and family violence, the law and where to get help. Includes information about D&FV, family law, child protection law, ADVOs , where to get help

Financial Abuse Legal Service
Free confidential legal information and advice to people who have money problems due to domestic abuse in an intimate partner relationship&nbsp


Domestic violence and renting – Know your rights – Information for people experiencing domestic violence to end their tenancy lease immediately without penalty