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FIVE QUESTIONS is where we ask members of the community to talk about how they stay HEALTHY. Award winning Sydney Morning Herald journalist and author of ‘The House’, Helen Pitt, shared this:

1. What exercise did you do yesterday?

I walked to Coogee headland and back. Walking daily kept me sane during COVID lockdowns. I aimed for 20,000 steps per day but earlier this year I broke my leg. As a result, my step count is now a little lower.

2. What did you eat today?

Coffee and cereal for breakfast, then cabbage rolls for lunch, tea and biscuits in the afternoon and a falafel roll for dinner.

3. What do you do to best look after your mental health?

Swim, sing and cycle. I am in a community choir. There is nothing like singing your lungs out each week to make you feel good about the world.

4. When did you last see a primary health professional?

In May for a check-up post leg break. I am booked for my annual check-up on January 5, 2023.

5. What are your health goals for the next month?

I want to buy a bike to start cycling again and get swimming daily as I used to pre leg break. Maybe ease off too on the post-Christmas alcohol.