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Access to Interpreting Service for Allied Health Professionals


The Access to Interpreting Services for Allied Health Professionals Program aims to:

  • Support access to private allied health services by non-English speaking consumers
  • Enable allied health professionals working in private practice within our catchment area to communicate with non-English speaking consumers

Program summary

The Access to Interpreting Service for Allied Health Professionals Program is funded by us through a capped funding stream. We administer the program within our catchment area, with the interpreting services delivered by Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) National.

Private allied health professionals that register in the program are provided access to interpreting services from TIS National at no cost.

Interpreting services

The program enables registered allied health professionals to receive access to interpreting services from TIS National:

  • Immediate phone interpreting
  • Pre-booked phone interpreting
  • On-site interpreting

As the Access to Interpreting Service program is a capped program, allied health professionals are encouraged to consider phone interpreting as the first point of interpreting, particularly for all mild to moderate interpreting needs.

How to register

Please click here to register.  

Contact details and resources from TIS National

Contact details


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