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Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN) is a not-for profit organisation funded by the Federal government to respond to health needs and health service gaps in the area. We work in partnership with all areas of the health system to improve outcomes for community members. This might mean funding services that can fill a gap, such as a mental health service to meet the needs of young people or training local doctors to stay up to date with the latest technology.  

Your say about health needs and services

voices4health is the place where people living in central and eastern Sydney can contribute to decision-making about health needs and services in the area where they live. This is a place where you can register to have your say about health needs and health services and find out about other community consultation opportunities.  

If you:  

  • live in one of these postcodes  
  • use health services, either for yourself or someone you care for  
  • do not work in the health or welfare system
  • are keen to provide useful feedback and insight with the goal to improve healthcare for all 

If you register for voices4health, we will contact you when a suitable opportunity for participation arises. Most opportunities will be paid. We will keep you informed via this website and a newsletter.