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Mental Health and

psychosocial Services

CESPHN’s mental health planning and commissioning of services is founded upon a stepped care approach. Stepped care aims to match a person presenting to the health system with the least intensive level of care that most suits their current treatment need, with the ability to monitor treatment experiences and outcomes to enable a step up or down in treatment intensity as necessary.

We commission services based on the mental health priority needs of the population in our region.  Services currently commissioned by CESPHN within each of the five IAR Levels of Care are listed below.

IAR Level 1: Self-management

Evidence based digital interventions and other forms of self-help.

IAR Level 2: Low intensity services

Services that can be accessed quickly & easily and include group work, phone & online interventions and involve few or short sessions.

IAR Level 5: Specialist and Acute Community Mental Health Services

Specialist assessment and intensive interventions (typically, state/territory mental health services) with involvement from a range of mental health professionals.