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Telehealth Psychiatry Service

The Telehealth Psychiatry Service provides free consultations with psychiatrists to people who are living with severe and complex mental illness in the Central and Eastern Sydney region, who due to socio-economic barriers and other social determinants would not otherwise be able to access a private psychiatrist.

Working in collaboration with GPs and other mental health and psychosocial support providers, the key aspects of this initiative are to provide telehealth psychiatry services and to engage with GPs supporting people accessing the service to facilitate capacity building and support ongoing patient treatment plans.

Consultations will be offered to consumers via secure video conferencing either from their own or a support person’s home, or from their service provider or GP’s office.


  • Experiencing severe and complex mental illness.
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Living, working, or studying in the Central and Eastern Sydney region (click here to see a map of the region)
  • Experiencing barriers to accessing private psychiatry consultations.
  • Hold a valid Health Care Card or be experiencing severe financial distress for general psychiatry services
  • Hold a valid Health Care Card and not have previously accessed psychiatry treatment for ADHD psychiatry services (prior treatment through this funded program does not limit eligibility)*
  • Not currently engaged with public psychiatry services.

To use the video conferencing platform, it is necessary to have access to a device that has a stable and secure internet connection.

*Eligibility criteria for ADHD referrals tightened from 1 February 2024:

Please note, consumers seeking diagnosis or treatment for ADHD must now hold a government-issued Health Care Card (HCC) to be eligible. Additionally, individuals who have previously undertaken treatment with a private psychiatrist for ADHD no longer qualify for the program.

For existing consumers receiving ADHD support who do not hold a valid Health Care Card, prescriptions will be provided to cover a one-year exit strategy. During this period, GPs can engage in co-prescribing for ongoing care, or consumers may choose to transition to Dokotela’s private psychiatry appointments or another psychiatry service.

Referrals can be made:

  • Directly by GPs supporting people in primary care.
  • By staff supporting people currently accessing Primary Integrated Care Supports (PICS) and Connect and Thrive. These referrals will need to be accompanied by a referral letter from the consumer’s GP

Please click here to make an online referral. 

Service Provider Contact Details:  

Service Provider Dokotela 
Phone 02 8003 7668 

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