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immunisation Education


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26 June 2024 6:00pm – 7:00pm

2024 RSV webinar
The Immunisation Coalition’s update on RSV will provide an overview of RSV epidemiology, disease burden and an update to new RSV vaccines and monoclonal antibody, TGA Registrations and their availability.




2024 Immunisation Webinar Recordings



June 2024



CESPHN: QIA – using clinical audit tools to increase influenza vaccination uptake

How to use clinical audit tools CAT4/POLAR to identify patients eligible for a free flu vaccine under the NIP.


May 2024 2024 flu season and respiratory illnesses

Information about the upcoming 2024 flu season and respiratory illnesses.


April 2024 Introduction to the National Immunisation Program (NIP)

Learn about the vaccines available under the Government funded NI, as well as basic cold chain requirements.


March 2024 NCIRS Webinar: Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination update

NCIRS latest updates relating to influenza and COVID-19 vaccination, including 2024 Australian Government program recommendations and available vaccines.


March 2024 CESPHN 2024 Immunisation

CESPHN’s annual immunisation update. An interactive webinar on the latest clinical information on RSV, influenza, and COVID-19 vaccines.


March 2024 RSV vaccines for older adults

NCIRS update on new RSV vaccines for older adults currently available or will become available in Australia in the coming years.


February 2024 New RSV vaccine and antibody for infants

NCIRS update on RSV disease burden in infants and new RSV vaccines and treatments, including monoclonal antibodies for infants.


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2023 Immunisation Webinar Recordings

See all recorded CESPHN webinars on our CESPHN Video Library webpage.

See all recorded RACGP immunisation webinars.


November 2023 Overseas Encounters and Catch Ups

About: This webinar will workshop two scenarios of translating overseas vaccination records and developing catch-up schedules. Catch up planning will include both paper-based method and online calculator method.


November 2023 New shingles vaccine on Australia’s NIP

About: disease burden of shingles in Australia, Shingrix® clinical trial results and mechanism of protection, and information and eligibility for NIP-funded shingles vaccination.


September 2023 Vaccination for people with disability

About: exploring gaps, opportunities and advice relating to vaccinating people with disability. Discuss tips and strategies to support vaccination of patients with complex needs.


August 2023 How to action Overdue Reports

About: strategies to reduce the number of patients on the AIR Childhood Immunisation Overdue Reports.


August 2023 NIP update: Vaxelis

About: recent updates to the NIP schedule, specifically regarding the addition of Vaxelis, and key differences between the hexavalent vaccines available on the NIP.


July 2023 Maternal influenza vaccination 

About: recommendations for influenza vaccination during pregnancy and the important role that health professional play in supporting flu vaccine uptake.


June 2023 Addressing vaccine hesitancy

About: an interactive workshop taking a scenario-based approach to address low vaccine confidence and provide strategies to identify and engage patients who are hesitant to vaccination.


April 2023 CESPHN 2023 Annual Immunisation Update

About: CESPHN’s annual immunisation update covering the latest clinical information on influenza, COVID-19, emerging diseases and more.


March 2023 Milestone checks at vaccination appointments

About: learn how to appropriately provide a milestone check for children attending a scheduled immunisation appointment.


February 2023 Immunisation Catch-ups

About: an interactive workshop on immunisation catch ups, building skills and knowledge to prepare a catch up schedules for patients.




Cold Chain education

Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management online module

The NSW Health online training module is mandatory for practices to access NIP funded vaccines.

      • The certificate of completion must be kept on file for review when requested by NSW Health.
      • It is mandatory that at least one staff member who manages vaccines must successfully complete the online learning module.
      • It is recommended that all staff responsible for cold chain management in facilities should complete the module.

AIR education

AIR042A COVID-19 vaccination report

    • This eLearning module explains how to request, modify, view, customise and interpret the AIR042A  report.
    • This 9 minute simulation includes information on creating an AIR042A report.

Anaphylaxis education

Full course: ASCIA Anaphylaxis e-training for health professionals 2024

    • This e-training course was developed by the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA).
    • This free anaphylaxis course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and is suitable for all health professionals, including medical practitioners and nurses.

Refresher course: ASCIA Anaphylaxis refresher e-training for health professionals 2024

    • This refresher course has been developed to upskill or as interim refresher training. It does not replace the comprehensive ASCIA Anaphylaxis e-training courses for health professionals.
    • This course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and  has been developed for health professionals, including medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals.

Vaccine Hesitancy education

Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation (SKAI) eLearning module

    • The SKAI eLearning  module is available free of charge and is designed to provide healthcare professionals with knowledge, confidence and strategies when speaking to parents about vaccination for their children.
    • Learn more about adapting your clinical communication skills to meet the needs of all parents, whether they are ready to vaccinate, have questions or intend to decline vaccination altogether. The module also provides guidance on using the SKAI system and resources to assist with immunisation consultations.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy – 29 June 2023

    • About: an interactive workshop taking a scenario-based approach to address low vaccine confidence and provide strategies to identify and engage patients who are hesitant to vaccination.
    • Presented by A/Prof Holly Seale

Q Fever education

ACRRM Q Fever online module

    • On completion of the Q Fever online module participants will be able to appropriately vaccinate against Q fever. Providers will also understand Q Fever exposure risks, impact, clinical presentation, testing, diagnosis and treatment of infections.
    • NSW GPs can access the course at no cost courtesy of Health Protection NSW.

Child Health education

The Well Child Health Program

The Well Child online learning program has been developed to support primary healthcare professionals caring for families with children aged between 0-5 years.

Monitoring of health, growth and development in early childhood is considered important to ensuring health and wellbeing throughout life.

QLD immunisation courses

QLD Health online courses for immunisation providers

    • Queensland Health has developed a suite of online training courses for immunisation service providers in Queensland.
    • The 4 online immunisation courses are suitable for clinicians as well as non-clinical staff and can be of benefit to anyone involved in directly receipting, administering or managing vaccines regardless of their levels of skill and knowledge.

GP modules

Accreditation: RACGP, ACRRM

Credits: 5 CPD credits

Duration: 5 Hours

Addressing adult pertussis vaccination: Clinical Audit

Pertussis, also called whooping cough, is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis epidemics usually occur every 3-4 years in Australia

Accreditation: RACGP, ACRRM

Credits: 5 CPD credits

Duration: 5 Hours

Getting ahead of influenza immunisation: clinical audit

This activity is a planned medical education/clinical audit that systematically reviews aspects of a GPs clinical performance against defined best-practice guidelines. It can be undertaken by an individual GP or a small group.

Accreditation: RACGP, ACRRM

Credits: 1 CPD credits

Duration: 1 Hour

A targeted approach to increasing vaccine confidence among GPs

An interactive online activity designed to empower general practitioners (GPs) with communication skills that increase the effectiveness and level of confidence of their conversations with patients regarding vaccination.

Accreditation: RACGP, ACRRM

Credits: 1 CPD credits

Duration: 1 Hour

Anaphylaxis guidelines and treatment options for GPs

This activity has been designed to increase your confidence in identifying and managing patients susceptible to experiencing emergency anaphylaxis reactions, including the prescribing of available adrenaline autoinjectors. It aims to highlight the differences between allergic and anaphylactic




Authorised Nurse Immuniser courses

A list of accredited Authorised Nurse Immuniser courses can be found at HESA (Health Education Services Australia).

APNA immunisation courses for nurses 
ACRRM Yellow Fever Vaccination Course

A practitioner seeking to prescribe the yellow fever vaccine is required to successfully complete the online Yellow Fever Vaccination course and obtain a completion certificate. A practitioner is considered to be accredited for three years from the date of completion of the course.

The course contains information on the history, epidemiology and clinical features of yellow fever, vaccine recommendations, and best practice and accreditation procedures for providers and approved practices.

See: National Guidelines for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres and Providers

4. COVID-19 Vaccine Related Education Modules

COVID-19 vaccine training

  • The COVID-19 vaccine training is mandatory for all COVID-19 vaccine providers. Providers will need to retain their certificate as proof of completion.
  • COMPLETE NOW: COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program

Non-clinical modules

  • Training modules available for non-Clinical staff covering the handling, storage and communication of COVID-19 vaccines.

GP weekly update

This Department of Health GP webinar series is to inform GPs on the COVID-19 response and the vaccine rollout.

  • The panel will provide key updates and answer GP’s questions
Safety training

Infection control