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Making Space: Hoarding Program

Mission Australia is providing the Making Space program in the CESPHN region as part of the Commonwealth Psychosocial Support (CPS) Program.

The CPS program provides psychosocial support services to assist people with severe mental illness and reduced psychosocial functional capacity who are not receiving psychosocial supports through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Making Space supports people with a primary experience of living with hoarding disorder/compulsive acquiring who may be living in squalid conditions and/or be at risk of losing their tenancy. The program model combines informal psychological interventions with a combination of psychosocial, practical support, and case management to address the underlying physical, cognitive and psychological factors of hoarding/compulsive acquiring.

Supports will be tailored to client need which may include case management, living skills training, practical 1:1 support, and support via the Buried in Treasures (BIT) facilitated group program. The BIT workshops provide weekly informal CBT to participants, a 16-week series designed to empower participants by learning about compulsive acquiring, how to gain more control over the issue, and to build a support network with peers.

The objectives of Making Space are to:

  • Reduce Hoarding/compulsive acquiring behaviours;
  • Address issues underlying the hoarding/compulsive acquiring behaviours;
  • Increase tenancy security, and safety in their home;
  • Improve living conditions and increase capacity for instrumental activities of daily living, as well as regain access to essential rooms in their homes;
  • Increase social connectedness and overall quality of wellbeing;
  • Build broader life skills, including confidence and resilience; and
  • Build capacity to live independently in the community.

Making Space is available to people who:

  • Experience a moderate level of severity of hoarding/compulsive acquiring* (diagnosis not required);
  • Have an associated level of reduced psychosocial functional capacity;
  • Are aged 16+;
  • Live within the Sydney Local Health District region;
  • Are not assisted by the NDIS; and
  • Are not receiving any other psychosocial support services that duplicate those provided through CPSP.

*Making Space will prioritise referrals for people who are at risk of tenancy loss and/or other adverse impacts directly related to hoarding/compulsive acquiring.

Referrals may come from a range of sources including GPs, Government and Social Housing Providers, Specialist Homelessness Services, specialised cleaning services, mental health services, health services or family members.

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Please note this program is only funded to 30 June 2025.

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